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that denigrates the profit muhammed. in libya and egypt where the protests started, they were linked somewhat to rev. jones's call to the prophet muhammed on september 11. jones has been linked to promoting -- even though the creator of the selma is mysterious to date. -- the film is mysterious today to. we met with one of the organizers of the protest in egypt the day before. he normally talks about the when-when the situation between the united states and the islamic world. what struck me with him, when the american flag was lifted down in libya where similar protests resulted in the tragic death of ambassador stevens. many people have not seen the video. many people have not read the side of rev. jones. they have simply heard about this video. they have heard about the efforts to denigrate the profit muhammed. i think it is a combination of hysteria and mass opportunism. it is unique to the internet age. host: what is happening right now in cairo? guest: there were a couple of protests last night. they seem to be more between youthful opportunists who like to fight with the police more tha
.s. institutions and attacks of the u.s. consulate in libya as well as other things. the fact he is retiring from the senate this year and returning to private life. we will show you a little bit of the interview. part of the interview he talks about the attacks, whether or not there was a terrorist attack, and the fact he is puzzled by some of the reaction by the administration that does not identify the attack as a terrorist attack. >> i was puzzled by some people in the administration who was hesitant to call it a terrorist attack. whether it was planned, premeditated, or spontaneous, it had all the attributes of any accepted definition of terrorism. it was the use of violence to carry out a political mission. clearly, that is what happened. i do not think we know enough yet not to know whether it was opportunistic. whether it planned to occur on september 11 or whether it was a plan -- if i could put it this way -- they had it on the shelf. when the saw what was happening in response to the anti muslim film, they seized a moment and carried it out. it clearly was not just spontaneous. they kn
americans in libya. and the latest information about the chicago teachers strike. later, the president of the american association of editorial cartoonists talks about his role in an impact on journalism. "washington journal ♪ ♪ >> in the headlines this morning -- moslem. at u.s. spreads -- anti- american express be on the middle east. good morning and welcome to this addition of "washington journal " today is saturday, september 15. we thought we would talk for the first 45 minutes about who you trust on foreign policy. the discussion has become part of the political dialogue going on between governor romney and president obama. we want to get your thoughts on that this morning. who do you trust on foreign policy in campaign 2012. the numbers are on your screen. you can get in touch with us via social media -- host: we will take a look at an article by james kitfield in "the national journal." he will be our guest later in the airport. the election is a test of competing world views. this is from the august 27 edition. now, regarding governor running romney -- we wi
to start a green revolution. the u.s. ambassador to libya was killed along with embassy staffers. congress continues its brief work in washington. in chicago, the teachers' strike enters its third day with no agreement. we would like to hear from you this morning, whether you think teachers should be allowed to strike. we have special phone lines. if you are agitator, which include teachers and administrators, call. if you are a parent, call. and all other callers can read us.reach you can also find us online. send us a tweet. you can also find us on facebook. we are also on e-mail. let's take a look at the latest on the chicago teachers strike. this is the front page of the chicago tribune -- the national papers are also covering this story today. we're asking you this morning if you think educators should be allowed to strike? do you see their jobs as too valuable? the class room too important to be put at risk by strikes? or do you see it as an important way they can exercise their rights and their bargaining power? here's what "usa today" says -- the also looking at the implications of
in doubt, the president portrayed the deaths of the americans in libya has inflamed tensions over an anti- islamic movie rather than tensions based on american policy in the middle east." from "the washington times," the headline says "romney, exchange for reform." "seeking to carve ou host: here is mitt romney at the clinton global initiative. [video clip] >> the program identifies the barriers to trade and entrepreneurialism in developing nations, and in exchange we are opening their markets to investment and trade. they will receive assistance package is focused on developing rule of liberty, law, and property rights. we will focus our efforts on small and medium-sized businesses. micro finance has been annexed -- a focused tool, but we need to expand to businesses that are too large for micro finance and to small for traditional banking. the aim of a much larger share of our aid must be the promotion of work and the fostering of free enterprise. >> one more front page before we get to your calls. here is a shot of former president bill clinton and governor romney at the event in new y
in "the washington post." "she helped rally support in libya." guest: it is an election year for president. there will not be any dramatic action until a new administration comes in. i think the administration has been cautious about this sort of intervention in syria, military intervention. libya and syria are apples and oranges. that complicates the diplomacy on a regional level. there have been calls to create the safe havens. that requires the no-fly zone. syria has a more advanced defense system that libya does not have. it is dangerous for any in to establish an a no-fly zones. even in libya it wasn't easy. it is a much more difficult situation in libya then syria. host: why the title for your book, "syria: the fall of the house of assad"? guest: i thought he would most likely be in power when the book came out. i got to know him pretty well. i met with them regularly. i had hoped that he would reform the country and would take it in a different direction. i think he was interested in that in the beginning. the authoritarian system changed him. when he unleashed the dogs on his own p
is -- enough. host: susan rice on the press talking about the attacks in libya last week that killed u.s. ambassador stevens and then the new president of libya was on cbs and he gave his take on the attacks. [video clip] >> there is an fbi investigation ongoing. we looked to that investigation to give us the definitive word as to what transpired. putting together the best information we have available to us today. our current assessment is that what happened in benghazi was initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo, which were prompted by the video. >> these territotraitors, the wy they acted, them choosing specific dates for this so- called demonstration, i think this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. host: here's the headline in the washington times -- on facebook, getting some of your comments on our questions on should the u.s. government control web content? an independent in pennsylvania, walid. caller: how are you? i think they should pul
include libya, iran, syria, and north korea. he will have remarks around noon eastern at the clinton global initiative. republican candidate mitt romney will speak first at the event, 9:00 a.m. this morning, live coverage on c-span 2. in the papers, all eyes focused on new york for the united nations gathering. we want to get your take on the united nations and global affairs. you can also send us a tweet. post your comments on facebook. or email us. let's start with the money. the united nations budget for its operations for 2012/2013. the breakdown like this -- let's look at peacekeeping efforts, that is a separate budget. this is all from the united nations web site and global solutions and reuters. the operational budget and the peacekeeping budget -- what you think the u.n.'s role is in global affairs? we will start with today's headlines -- here's the baltimore sun this morning with this headline -- we want to get your take this morning on the role of the un in global affairs. patrick is first in carnegie, pennsylvania, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i think th
of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. libya attack was organized, u.s. says. this is in this morning's "wall street journal." host: the story is also being covered in the "new york times." the headline, "shifting reports on libya killings may cost obama." host: back to the zpones our discussion regarding one party versus divided government. our next call is from anton in indiana on our line for democrats. anton, you're on the "washington journal." caller: well, thank you for taking my call. i enjoy your show. i watch you every weekend. host: well, i appreciate you watching. now, your thoughts on one party or a divided government, which are you in favor of? caller: well, i believe in divided government, but i don't believe in obstruction of the process. and i would like to remind all of your viewers about the grover norquist pledge that all of the republicans seemed to sign, and it kind of backs them in a corner not to compromise with the democrats. i would also like to remind everyone that mitt romney has also signed this pledge to grover norquist. can you im
in libya. here in washington the senate will be voting on a budget that keeps the government running for six months. it is called the continuing resolution and it will prevent any government shut down during this election season. congress is off tomorrow and tuesday in observance of the jewish holiday. the president goes to ohio today and again on wednesday. we begin this morning with your comments on a "the new york times," editorial. are you ready for retirement? "the new york times" say that millions are headed for an in secure retirement and that focusing on this is one of the biggest issues in the campaign. the phone lines are open. for democrats, 202-737-0001. for republicans, 202-737-0002. for independents, 202-628-0205. other news this sunday morning, we begin with "the new york times" front page. "the u.s., preparing for the long era of unrest." host: we will be focusing more on this issue later in the program. a similar story from "the washington post." "the obama administration, ordering the evacuation of all personnel from tunisia and the sudan. -- suzanne." we will be fo
or tried to withhold, especially what is going on in libya. host: thank you. we will get a response. guest: i want to thank her for switching registration in for deciding to vote for governor romney. we're in the same boat. i am going to vote for the governor also. i do think that the republican party has a great message for african-americans. we're the party of hope and opportunity and inclusion. in my congressional district down in texas, i have got a large number of african american supporters and i value their input and support greatly. so we're glad to have her as a part of the republican party in north carolina. host: one of our viewers saying we do not need to amend the constitution to balance the budget. we need representative barton to do his job. guest: well, if every otherm everyan voted the way of voted over the last 24 years, we would have had a lot more balanced budgets. if that is the correct term, is correct. you do not have to have a balanced amendment, but it would be helpful. the states that have it, they have a lot more balanced budgets than states that do not. if we ha
. thank you. host: from "the hill" this newspaper, a congressional presser grows for obama on libya consulate attack. host: and there is from the "new york times," september, november, 40 precious days to spend on early voting. a stream of voters, the dateline is des moines, a stream of voters arrived at election offices across iowa to cast their ballots. host: the president is on executing a plan to accrue more votes over the next 40 days. and there's a chart in this story. 36% of iowans voted early in 2008. 30% in ohio voted early. 61% in north carolina. and nevada, 67%. colorado, nearly 80% of voters voted early in that state. 21% in wisconsin. half in florida voted early. virginia, about 14%. and new hampshire, about 10% voted early. so, that's from the "new york times" this morning. here's "the washington times" this morning, the lead story, obama focuses on two other jobs, campaigning and cash raising, take up time. if it's for sports champions and terrorists, president obama's public schedule for september would be nearly empty of official events, as he devoted most of his ti
.s. ambassador to libya and threatens attacks in algeria, tunisia, morocco, and mauritania. those are the latest headlines -- [video clip] >> people will find the unfiltered truth of what they are saying. beyond that, i like to use this as a thermostat up was happening in the country. sometimes you get so caught up in the beltway. i in "washington journal joy because the calls are uncensored. many times you have morning interviews and people talk about the same topic. i know what liberals are thinking and other parties and it allows me to for my argument. >> cspan, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. "washington journal" continues -- host: senator john barrasso at our table, senator from wyoming. let me begin with the video of governor romney from his fund raiser. do you agree with what the governor said at that fund raiser? guest: i have not seen the whole video. i want to get everybody back to work in america. there are 23 million people who are unemployed or underemployed. host: those people that are underemployed or un
springs. frieda joins us next. caller: michael has to do with libya and what happened at the consulate and the deaths of the four americans. i understand that we knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack our administration from e president down kept blaming it on video, which had nothing to do with the video. and they knew within 24 hours. and they set susan rice out on all of the talk shows to lie to all of the american people. i feel this was done because president obama is up for reelection and he said al-qaida was contained or done away with. and it has become all political. so he can re-win the election. host: there's a story in the new york times this morning -- saying there was a link between these attacks. she was the highest ranking obama administration officials. -- ross, from texas. on our line for democrats. caller: what i wanted to say, i wanted to complement the show. i have been watching for years. a longtime fan. one thing i wish you and every moderator would do with the beginning of every interview is ask whoever you are interviewing to what they work for and
in libya. >> it just perplexes me that this video done by one man from what i can tell and his son, crude, a parent, and tight islam is allowed to set off these demonstrations. you would have to look at the president's attempts to rebuild our relationship with the muslim world has not succeeded yet. we have to get to a point where not only we, but more importantly, the leaders in the muslim world say, this is a terrible film done by two americans. it does not represent the american people. it was not done by the american government. it simply is not an excuse to go on a rampage against american targets and americans. in other words, you cannot say that it was just this one man in california. it was created by the radical egyptian cleric who gave a fiery speech and a sermon about the film a few days before 9/11. by everyone else who went out and demonstrated. i think we have to respect the world's muslim community enough to say, friends, brothers, and sisters and faith, this is unacceptable behavior. >> washington journal continues. host: this week the inspector general released a this rep
in the arab world and egypt and libya -- off the route the middle east. if they want to deal with us, we have to be strong enough to say, hey, we will not put up with this and be prepared next time, especially on 911. it is mind-boggling to think he would not be prepared for this. it is in my opinion, there needs to be an apology. he spoke to the diplomats the day before. he went over to the state department. what is it he would say to them? it's a sorry i did not protect your people over there? it should have already been done. host: thank you. next is a call from new jersey. hello to raul. caller: hello. i would like to know, what is obama apologizing for? it came across to me as looking as week. furthermore, because there was -- it was the right thing for obama -- for romney to step in. the second thing i would like to know, does obama have an understanding of the magnitude of what he has gotten himself into? he has no sense of purpose, no sense of direction. it is time for obama to go. thank you. host: thank you, raul. next is a call from fort worth, texas. this is fell, a republican. cal
act, he's gone into libya and got qaddafi, he got bin laden, he's killed more al-qaeda leaders than the previous president did, he's been very good on national security which is often perceived as a weak part for liberals, so i don't think he's governed as a far left liberal and of course, bill clinton did what's known as try ang a -- triangulation, worked with republicans, had a good working relationship with newt gingrich and was considered a moderate democrat. so often the word liberal is anybody who is not a conservative but these presidents, the last two democratic presidents, i believe have governedd as gobbed as moderates and that's what you need to do to get the swath of the eelectric toreat on your -- electorate on your side. although bush had neocons around him and moved to the right. generally if you want to be a successful governor and i use the word governor in a broader sense you want to appeal to the broader swath of the electorate and govern it as a ken terrorist, not as a lefty or righty. >> host: you similar rise dollars it with these questions, 10, how liberal are
in libya to probe the deaths of americans at the embassy. secretary of state hillary clinton said thursday -- also, in overseas news, this from the wall street journal, that the u.s. will curb its joint afghan operation. accompanying that story is a graphic showing some of the attacks from afghan forces that are working with the u.s. the headline is "and friendly friendly attacks." 51 deaths so far this year. and on mitt romney's comments. we are talking to republicans in this first segment. ray is from buffalo, new york. caller: good morning. i believe c-span has to do something. i have been with c-span 20 years listening. this is the first time i have called. on the republican line is democrats and on our independent line is democrats. the individual who said he was a teamster, is not a republican. he is worried about his penchant. what are you supposed to do as an american, pay for his pension? host: what about the state of the romney campaign? caller: i think the press is in full press motta tried to destroy romney. just the fact we have this subject this morning is indicative of this,
haze has this editorial. talking about the attacks and libya. joe is on the phone on the republican line. our third party is still relevant? caller: no. ross perot had a wonderful opportunity to open up people's mines and he talked about things. the problem with that is he is a billionaire just like everybody else. it was a business decision. at the end of the day he is back to eric -- back to making money or the rest of us have to decide whether we can pay house note, carnot, pay for our kid's education just to get through the day. if he were serious about a third party, then he should have stayed there to have a third party. i voted the man not the party. when i look at what mr. romney is doing and mr. ryan is doing as opposed to what i already know about president obama, i am proud of him -- the things he is talking about as opposed to what they are talking about is about the rich getting richer as opposed to all of us being in this together. i do not have a problem paying more tax to help somebody out right now. i got where i was because of what people did prior to me. if a demo
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